Weed Commissioner

Contact Information

Craig Davis

Office Holder


Delaware Engineer

2139 Highway 38
Manchester, IA



Monday - Friday

7:00 am - 3:30 pm


(excluding holidays)


(563) 927-3505 

County Shop

(563) 927-3700 

After hours calls

(563) 927-3135 or 911



(563) 927-3102 

About the Weed Commissioner 

The weed commissioner is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. His or her duties are described in Chapter 317 of the Code

of Iowa. Annually, the Delaware County Board of Supervisors has appointed the Delaware County Engineer as county weed commissioner. The weed commissioner relies heavily on reports from the public of the location of noxious weeds and works to have them destroyed as quickly as possible. The sections of the Iowa Code most applicable to the weed commissioner’s duties are shown below.

Chapter 317.3 of the Code of Iowa: Weed Commissioner
Chapter 317.4 of the Code of Iowa: Direction and Control
317.6 Entering land to destroy weeds - notice
317.10 Duty of owner or tenant